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Would anyone be crazy enough sell custom street cars on Ebay? Would anyone be crazy enough to buy custom street cars on Ebay? Apparently so. And, apparently, they aren't all that crazy.

We all know that pretty much everything can be put up for sale on Ebay. But custom street cars? This isn't like bidding on a used record collection. This is a prime piece of automobile machinery. Who would possibly trust some guy selling his car on Ebay? And what about the shipping costs? Wouldn't they be outrageous?
Well, somebody out there must be buying custom street cars of Ebay because there sure are a lot of people selling them. Do a quick search on the site for custom street cars and typically you'll receive anywhere from twenty to thirty returns.

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Fortunately, most people selling custom street cars on Ebay provide multiple images so you can at least get some kind of visual sense of what you may be bidding on. And, actually, these images tend to be of a higher quality than the photos posted with most other items. Clearly, the people selling custom street cars on Ebay are serious about cars and take the process of selling what they have very seriously.

Most product descriptions are equally comprehensive. You may have to worry about a lot of things when considering making a bid on custom street cars on Ebay, but not knowing exactly what you are bidding on isn't usually one of them.

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Since these are high quality custom street cars we're talking about, the prices can be quite high, as you might imagine. It's not unusual to see winning bids beyond the $30,000 mark and sometimes well beyond it. Does that mean these bids are only open to people with huge bank accounts? Not at all. In fact, a simple click on a link within the seller's page will take you another page where you can fill out a form to see if you qualify for a monthly payment plan. You may be surprised to find out that Ebay could be your quickest ticket to owning one of those of custom street cars you've had your eye on.

But what about the problem of getting that car in California to your driveway in Florida? Unless you've got a friend out there who you trust to drive your pride and joy across the country for you, your best option is to engage the services of an auto
shipper. When making your bid, also consider the expense of hiring one of these companies to get your car to you.

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Another thing to consider when making a bid is the reserve price. You may see the bid amounts on some of these custom street cars surprisingly low as the bidding period ends and think you're about to get the bargain of the decade. Remember, however that the highest bid doesn't always win on Ebay. Count on sellers of custom street cars setting a reserve price.

What that means is that there is a minimum bid amount they are willing to accept. Since you don't know that that amount is, you can't adjust your bid accordingly. So if you find a sweet customized car with a $2500 bid and only minutes to go before bidding ends, don't get too excited.

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Custom Street Cars